Why a Blog?

Thank you for visiting! I wanted to share a bit about why I decided to start this site. In August I left my full-time job to pursue a master’s degree in Business Analytics. I’m beginning to learn new programs and tools for analysis and am sharpening my quantitative skills. I want to showcase these technical abilities through blog posts where I use data to answer a question or explain a situation. Most of my posts at first will revolve around sports or sports business, but I plan on expanding to other topics.

I don’t have any internships or work experience in the data field *yet* so I’m hoping these posts will allow me to connect what I learn in the classroom to an industry that interests me. I want to showcase the way I think and how I understand data, and hopefully I can back up a few of my hot takes as well. The website looks very plain right now- the design isn’t as important as the content to me, but once I get a few posts up I will try and make it look nicer.

My blog posts won’t be super technical- I want everyone to be able to understand them, but I will highlight key results and explain how I reached my conclusions. I don’t anticipate my analysis at the beginning being that complicated- I’ll probably be making graphs in excel that 99% of people can do. As I learn more and get more comfortable in my statistics and data analytics courses, I’ll be able to expand my capabilities. A short-term goal of mine is to get more comfortable using R, so hopefully you’ll see me incorporate that in posts soon.

If you’d like to get notified when I make a new post, you can sign up below. I’m not sure how often I’ll be making posts, but I’ll try for once a week or every other week for now. The plan is to produce content that you can’t find on every other platforms you get sports news, and I promise no MJ vs LeBron comparisons (for now). Let me know if you have any ideas for topics you’d like to see me dive into! Thanks for stopping by!

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